My Mind's Eye

I’m a seeker of new experiences. If we’re here for a finite amount of time, I want to explore as much as I possibly can. Exploring doesn’t only relate to travel. It relates to trying new things, meeting new people, challenging myself to do something that’s outside of my comfort zone. That might be skydiving or writing a script, asking someone out or traveling solo. I feel like when I push myself to do new things, I see the world differently and the scope of what I thought was possible expands far beyond what I believed were my limits.

The mind is fascinating. I’m always impressed with how much humans are capable of enduring, as well as how incredibly innovative we can be. When I look at what we’ve built, how far we’ve pushed into space, what extreme conditions we have survived, I can’t help but get inspired to see what else our imaginations and our strength can conjure. It’s what makes me buzz between my different creative mediums, knowing that there is an infinite amount of skill and information I can acquire and learn. You can always go deeper.

And though I’m constantly inspired, constantly in awe of the world, I also have a tendency to obsess over details, get anxious, rush through things and make mistakes, and experience dark clouds of gloom that usually follow beautiful moments of elation. I’ve learned that the best thing for me to do as both preventative measures and when I’m stuck in the cloud, is to take moments to relax (a foreign concept to me) and create something just for me. So instead of burning the candle at both ends, I’m learning to slow down between moments of intense focus that require all my energy.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg….

Maiara Walsh